1st International London ZoukFest 2013

We’ve just had the most amazing time at the 1st International London ZoukFest 2013 (presented by Solange Dias & Joseph Koniak). It was so good to meet up & dance with our Lambazouk family from London, Barcelona, Israel, Amsterdam, etc.

Bebe featured as an International Artist, teaching alongside fellow legendary Lambada dancer, the beautiful Patricia Cruz.

BEBE London ZoukFest 2013

Lambazouker Family

Lambazouk workshops in Tropical Mackay

Shout out to our new friends at Latin Madness Mackay! There’s something about a city by the ocean, with palm trees & sunshine & blue sky… the people are equally as warm & cheerful & sunny!! Just like in Porto Seguro, Brazil, you can’t help but smile & have a great time. We had an absolutely brilliant weekend teaching & dancing Lambazouk in Mackay. If anyone is heading up this part of tropical Queensland, please look these guys up. We’re sure they will welcome you just as warmly as they have us :))


Tamara: ”I’m so glad u enjoyed yourselves as much as we enjoyed having you here with us. You both are amazing teachers and I’m still getting requests for your return.”

Luke: ”Too right Bebe & Rachel. we loved you both and lambazouk. your energy and passion is still very alive within us and can’t wait til next time we meet’

Debra: ”You both have a lovely teaching style and warm manner which is comforting for novices such as Eric and I.  We also have been playing the CD and really enjoying the music.  Ii is light and uplifting”


Lambazouk Mackay

A Summer in Paradise

We have returned from our sun-soaked 6 week holiday on the Costa do Descrobimento (Discovery Coast) in Brazil. It was wonderful to spend time with our family & friends, and dance in the heartland of Lambada — Porto Seguro, Bahia!

As part of our trip, we successfully hosted our very first Brazil Tour! 15 people from around Australia joined our Tour encompassing Bergs International Zouk Lambada Congress (the biggest Zouk/Lambada congress in the world), New Years Eve, and many of the local sites including the night markets, native restaurants, Indigenous markets, Historic City, and neighouring towns.

Our journey stretched across Sao Paulo, Porto Seguro, Coroa Vermelha, Arraial d’Ajuda, Trancoso, Caraiva & Corambau, and was a colourful energetic mix of spectacular beaches, samba pagode, lambada dancing, african-brazilian cuisine, amazonian acai. A trip of a lifetime with amazing memories! We will be heading back to Brazil in 2014. You’re welcome to join us.

Australia-Discovery Coast Brazil Tour Group 2012/13

Australia-Discovery Coast Brazil Tour Group 2012/13

PhD research in Brazilian Samba de Gafieira

Making a mark on written dance history:

Today Bebe was interviewed by Rachel Pedro (Lecturer in Dance Theory at the Creative Industries Faculty, Queensland University of Technology) as part of her PhD research.

Rachel is currently completing a PhD to demonstrate how globalisation has changed the way in which the Brazilian dance style Samba de Gafieira has been translated in the Australian context since the 1940s. More specificially, her research focuses on the changing politics (ie power relations) of the hybridizing (mixing) process which occurs when a dance style is translated into a new culture.

The PhD results will be published in English, Brazilian Portuguese, and possibly also Spanish in journal articles.


Bebé & Rachel Pedro

Into the Brazilian Amazon

HAPPY SUNDAY! Smile big & beautiful like these indigenous children of the Brazilian Amazon!
For those of you in Australia, don’t forget the BRAZIL doco by Michael Palin currently featured on ABC1 at 7:30PM.

Tonight Michael travels from Brazil’s northern border with Venezuela along the Rivers Branco, Negro, Amazon, Tapajos and Xingu, through the very heart of the Amazonia, before ending up at the capital Brasilia. He visits indigenous tribes like the Yanomami, and talks to their shaman and chief spokesperson Davi about the threats to their traditional way of life.

On the Rio Negro he encounters Elias, one of the last seringueiros, or rubber tappers, and watches the Amazon Philharmonic Orchestra rehearse in the magnificent Manaus Opera House. Travelling by river boat he heads up the Tapajos river to Fordlandia, to seek out what remains of Henry Ford’s bold but ultimately unsuccessful attempt to build a rubber plantation the size of Wales in the middle of the rainforest.

In Belem at the mouth of the Amazon, he is dazzled by the exotic Amazonian foods that chef Thiago uses in his kitchen and learns from music producer Priscilla why Amazonian women like her and her protégé singer Gaby Amarantos are such powerful forces.

Travelling ever southwards to the upper reaches of the Xingu river he is welcomed to the Wauja tribe, one of the most colourful of all the Brazilian indigenous peoples. Anthroplogist-in-residence Emi Ireland helps explain their rich and complex rituals as well as why the Wauja women would like to marry Michael. The threats to their land and way of life from dam building, deemed necessary for the increasing exploitation of Brazil’s abundant natural resources, is discussed with Wauja shaman Itsautaku.

In Brasilia he meets up with rock star and political activist Dinho Ouro Preto who thinks Brazil, despite all its social and environmental problems, is on the brink of fulfilling its destiny as a super power.

Michael Palin’s BRAZIL: 4 part series on ABC1

.. for those who love all things BRAZIL, here is a great opportunity to discover more about this colourful country! The intrepid British actor/writer Michael Palin has a 4 part doco series on Brazil, airing in Australia on ABC1, Sundays @ 7:30PM. The 1st episode is tomorrow (11 November) and is about north-east Brazil — where Bebé, Capoeira, & Lambada comes from! Check it out & let us know what you think :)) Here is the synopsis:

EP 1. SUNDAY 7:30PM on ABC1
Michael begins his journey in the north east, where modern Brazil was born. It was here the Portuguese explorers first landed and encountered the native Brazilians. It was here that hundreds of thousands of African slaves were brought to work on sugar and tobacco plantations, and it was here where this mix of races and cultures produced what we now think of as Brazil. Music, food, dance, religion – all of these bear the imprint of this heady mix.He starts in the city of Sao Luis during the celebration of its own very north eastern festival of Bumba Meu Boi – ‘Jump My Bull’ – before travelling down the coast to Recife and Salvador. On his way, he drops in on the vaqueros – Brazilian cowboys – who work the massive cattle ranches of the dry interior. His travels also take him to the stunning coastal lagoons of the Lencois Maranheses national park.In Salvador he learns to drum with the famous Olodum school, experiences the trance and dance of Candomble, the Afro-Brazilian religion, finds out how to cook Bahian-style with renowned cook, Dada, and discovers what lies behind the beguiling moves of capoeria dancers. If you want to know what makes Brazil so vibrant, the north east is the place to start

New dance practice session at Monday classes

Lambazouk students – you’ve been asking for it, now you’ve got it!! As of Monday we’re introducing a special dance practice session at our Metro Arts dance classes so you can practice your moves to Lambazouk style music — zouk music that is happy, uplifting, boosts the spirits, energising, and keeps you dancing all night long!!! If you’ve ever been to Lambazouk hotspots such as BARCELONA, LONDON, TOKYO, SAO PAULO, TEL AVIV, BUENOS AIRES, etc, you’ll know exactly what we’re talking about — ENERGIA!!!!

We’ll be including the best of Carribbean, Angolan, Cape Verde, Brazilian tropical zouk with some high-octane tracks too to get the heart rate pumping & build your dance stamina.

Mondays @ Metro Arts, Level 4, 109 Edward St, Brisbane city.
6:00pm Beginner class
7:30pm Intermediate/Advanced class

Lambazouk Brazil (Australia) – BEBÉ

Brazilian Lambada/Lambazouk Classes

This week Bebé & Rachel held the very first Intermediate/Advanced Lambazouk class at Metro Arts in Brisbane cbd! (classes now every Monday). Brilliant night, thanks guys! We’re really happy with the friendly group of people & talent & potential in the room — the future of Lambazouk in Australia is right there 😉

Mondays @ Metro Arts, Level 4, 109 Edward St, Brisbane city.
6:00pm Beginner class
7:30pm Intermediate/Advanced class

Bebé & Braz dos Santos in Perth, Western Australia!

Its been a momentous last few days for Lambazouk Brazil (Australia) – BEBÉ !!

On the WEST COAST of Australia, Bebé united with the legend Braz dos Santos to bring the very best of Lambada/Lambazouk (workshops & parties) to Perth for the first time — and what a weekend — Beautiful sunshine, wonderful people, and dancing to tropical zouk music at the beach! Smiles, energy, joy of dance, just like a mini-Porto Seguro Brazil recreated in Perth WA 😉 To the WAZouk team — Tia, John, Amy, Beau — we love what you’re doing with the Scarborough events, you’re doing a great job with everything, we’ll see you again very soon!

Lambazouk Classes now in 2 Locations – West End & Brisbane CBD

Due to popular demand, we are teaching both in West End and the City CBD:

18:00pm Lambada/Lambazouk Beginner
19:30pm Lambazouk Intermediate/Advanced

Casual classes $20/class, or $15/class for full-time students.

Whitlam Space, Level 4, Metro Arts, 109 Edward St, Brisbane City
(Starting 13th October to 17th November)
17:00pm LambaZouk Beginner
18:00 LambaZouk Intermediate

Rio Rhythmics Latin Dance Academy, 165 Boundary St, West End.
Thanks for your support, everybody! :) ))