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Brazil Live on Stage
“BRAZOUKA” The World Premiere of Braz Dos Santos’ sensational true dance story from the toughest streets of BRAZIL. Seventeen dazzling dancers take audiences on a breathtaking journey of intense passion, sizzling sensuality, pulsing music and explosive energy. A unique dance-drama performed by Brazil’s most thrilling new troupe. The Brazilliant Dance Company introduces a sensational new dance language of Lambazouk and other authentic Brazilian dances, in a stunning variety of styles that will have you on your feet, moving to the intoxicating Brazilian rhythms.
Directed by Arlene Phillips. Produced by Pamela Stephenson-Connolly and Burn the Floor’s founder Harley Medcalf.

Bergs VI International Zouk Lambada Congress
Porto Seguro, Brazil
30th December 2014 – 8th January 2015


Bergs Congress


4 performances with Brazouka cast on Channel 9 ”TODAY” Show – 19 November 2014



Dansabrasil 9th International Lambada/Zouk Congress,
Barcelona, SPAIN, 1st- 4th May 2014

Brazilian Masquerade in the Whitsundays by Latin Madness Mackay
Long Island, Whitsundays, Qld, AUSTRALIA, 29th November – 1st December 2013

5th Brazil Central Zouk Lambada Congress, Brisbane, AUSTRALIA, 4th-6th October 2013
Australia’s premier Brazilian Dance event

2nd South East Asia Zouk-Lambada Festival, Kuala Lumpur, MALAYSIA, 9th-11th August 2013
South East Asia’s biggest Brazilian Dance event

1st International London ZoukFest,  London, UNITED KINGDOM, 1st – 3rd March 2013.

Organisers of the 1st Bahia-Brazil Tour (to Porto Seguro, Bahia, Brazil and surrounding Coast) including New Years Eve & Bergs International Congress, 24/12/12 – 11/01/13 — 15 people attending

Bergs V International Zouk Lambada Congress, BRAZIL, 29/12/12 – 07/01/13

Performed at prestigious “The Varnished Untruth” book launch events in Brisbane (Hilton & Judith Wright Centre) with internationally celebrity actress/author/comedian Pamela Stephenson, 11th-12th October 2012. Part of the Brisbane Writers Festival.

Brazil Central Zouk Lambada Congress, Brisbane, AUSTRALIA, 5th-7th October 2012

FESTA BRASIL (Brazilian Independence Day Party & Workshops Latino Grooves Dance Studio, Adelaide, AUSTRALIA, 7th-9th September 2012

Doudoule Latin Dance Camp, Gold Coast, AUSTRALIA 18-20th May 2012

Dansabrasil Barcelona Lambada/Zouk Congress, SPAIN, 26th-29th April 2012 http://www.dansabrasil.com/

Carnival Island: Party for Fun, Tangalooma Island, 24th-25th March 2012

Sydney Latin Festival, 2nd-5th February 2012 (Bebe & Rominita), AUSTRALIA 2012

Brazil Central, Brisbane, AUSTRALIA — 2011

World Bachata Festival, Kuala Lumpur, MALAYSIA — 2010

London Dance Congress, UK — 2009

Barcelona Lambada/Zouk Congress, SPAIN — 2007/2009

Amsterdam Brazilian Dance Congress, NETHERLANDS — 2007

Bergs International Zouk Lambada Congress, Porto Seguro, BRAZIL — 2005/2007/2009/2011



Barcelona, SPAIN, Lambazouk Master Class and Classes series, Dansabrasil, 24th-26th March 2013

London, UK, Lambazouk Master Class with Bebe & Rominita, Zouk Lambada UK by Solange Dias & Joe Koniak, 4th March 2013

Mackay Qld, hosted by Latin Madness Mackay, 2nd-3rd February 2013

Perth WA, Lambazouk Weekend with Master Braz dos Santos. Hosted by WAZouk, 20th-21st October 2012.

London, UK, Lambazouk Master Class, Zouk Lambada UK by Solange Dias & Joe Koniak, 7th May 2012

Rominita, 25th January-13th March 2012

Melbourne Zouk Workshops, 8-10th March 2012 (Bebe & Rominita)

Brisbane Zouk Workshops, Rio Rhythmics, 3-4th March 2012 (Bebe & Rominita)

Canberra Zouk Workshops, Kmotion Dance Studio, 25-26th February 2012 (Bebe & Rominita)

Melbourne Zouk Workshops, 17-19th February 2012 (Bebe & Rominita)

Rio Rhythmics, Brisbane, Australia — June 2011

Auckland, New Zealand — July-September 2010

Singapore — October 2010

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia — 2010

Amsterdam, Netherlands — December 2009

Tel Aviv, Israel — December 2009-January 2010

London, UK — May-November 2009

Manchester, UK — August 2009

Belgium — 2007

Amsterdam, Netherlands — April – November 2007

Buenos Aires, Argentina — 2000 – 2004

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