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Cast List for BRAZOUKA International stage show 2014

HERE WE GO!!! The full cast of Brazouka Live on StageInternational stage show – in 2 weeks we start training & rehearsing! We will be working hard to bring something spectacular to the stage & show the world Zouk Lambada & Brazilian dance! Get ready Australia, we’re coming October-December 2014!
Romina Hidalgo
Gilson Damasco
Adriana Coutinho
Carlos da Silva
Brenda Carvalho
Anderson Mendes da Rocha
Josy Borges
Rodrigo Oliveira
Josta O’Niel
Sarita Piotrowski
Braz dos Santos
Fernanda da Silva
Wellington Santos
Natasha Terekhina


BRAZOUKA Cast List 2014

BRAZOUKA Cast List 2014

BRAZOUKA International Stage Show 2014

I am really happy to announce to you that I have been contracted to appear as a Principal Performer in the new International stage show ‘’BRAZOUKA’’!

This is a project that is really special for everyone in Brazilian Dance – it will be the very first time that a large-scale professional stage show based on ZOUK LAMBADA / LAMBAZOUK has ever been produced, and it is being created by some of the ‘royalty’ of the industry including DirectorArlene Phillips (Judge on SYTYCD UK, Multi-award Director/Choreographer of sold-out shows on New York Broadway & London’s West End), and Producers Pamela Stephenson-Connolly (Best selling author/actress) and Harley Medcalf (Founder/Creator of international smash hit Burn The Floor).

I am really happy also that I will be working with the best talent in the Brazilian dance industry in the show, including my long-time colleagues & friends Braz dos Santos, Josy Borges, Didi dos Santos, Romina Hidalgo, Patricia Giancaro, Gilson Damasco, Natasha Terekhina.
The world premiere is set for 31 July 2014 at the Edinburgh Festival before going on international tour…. I hope we will see you all while we are on tour! You can follow the development of the show here at my personal pageLambazouk Brazil (Australia) – BEBÉ or official page or Brazil Live on Stage

I will be leaving Australia next month in April 2014 to start work on the show, and will be based in Europe for a while. Thank you all for your support. We will be working very hard to represent Zouk Lambada & Brazilian Dance around the world & to bring it to thousands of new people. I hope I will see you all when the show comes to Australia – Obrigado!


Official Promo:

“BRAZOUKA” The World Premiere of Braz Dos Santos’ sensational true dance story from the toughest streets of BRAZIL. Seventeen dazzling dancers take audiences on a breathtaking journey of intense passion, sizzling sensuality, pulsing music and explosive energy. A unique dance-drama performed by Brazil’s most thrilling new troupe. The Brazilliant Dance Company introduces a sensational new dance language of Lambazouk and other authentic Brazilian dances, in a stunning variety of styles that will have you on your feet, moving to the intoxicating Brazilian rhythms.
Directed by Arlene Phillips. Produced by Pamela Stephenson-Connolly and Burn the Floor’s founder Harley Medcalf.

“BRAZOUKA” A estréia mundial da verdadeira,sensacional história da dança de Braz Dos Santos ‘das ruas mais difíceis do BRASIL. Dezessete deslumbrantes dançarinos vão levar o público a uma viagem impressionante de intensa paixão, sensualidade escaldante, musica pulsante e energia explosiva. Uma única dança-drama realizada pelo mais novo e vibrante grupo do Brasil. A Companhia de Dança “ Brazilliant” apresenta uma nova sensacional linguagem da dança Lambazouk e outras autênticas danças brasileiras, em uma variedade deslumbrante de estilos que você terá aos seus pés, movendo-se com os intoxicantes ritmos brasileiros. Dirigida por Arlene Phillips . Produzido por Pamela Stephenson Connolly e o fundador de” Burn the Floor” Harley Medcalf



Dansabrazil 9th Lambada/Zouk Congress in Barcelona, Spain – May 2014

The 9th International Lambada/Zouk Congress held in Barcelona, Spain — the best mix between LambaZouk & Zouk ! This is definately one of our favourite events in Europe & we’re very excited to be have been invited to teach & perform. This year the Dansabrasil till be hosting some of the very best LambaZouk teachers in the world today, so this is not an event you will want to miss!

We are waiting for you ♥



Dansabrasil 2014

Brazil Central 2013

Brazil Central 2013, what an event! Great to see people loving the LambaZouk flavour at our workshops & seeing the Aussie dancers getting in on the big energy Porto Seguro-style zouk lambada circle at the parties  ENERGIA!!!! We’ve had excellent feedback from our LambaZouk & Samba Axé workshops, lots of interest to bring our dance to cities around Australia & Asia, heaps of requests for our music – and people even questioning if we DJ (maybe next year hey??). So many people have mentioned to us over the weekend that they love that our zouk music makes them feel really good & happy & they can’t help but smile when they hear it 
Special thank you to our beautiful LambaZouk girls Tia and Roberta for helping us demonstrate in our workshops, you were wonderful!  And shout out to Raimundo & the Brazilyum team for keeping us fuelled up with piçanha & Acai (mmmmm)
Congratulations to Jada, Cathy & Tarcisio & the whole Brazil Central team for a well-run, successful event!

Lambazouk Brazil (Australia) – BEBÉ

bEBE bc 1

Lambazouk workshops in Tropical Mackay

Shout out to our new friends at Latin Madness Mackay! There’s something about a city by the ocean, with palm trees & sunshine & blue sky… the people are equally as warm & cheerful & sunny!! Just like in Porto Seguro, Brazil, you can’t help but smile & have a great time. We had an absolutely brilliant weekend teaching & dancing Lambazouk in Mackay. If anyone is heading up this part of tropical Queensland, please look these guys up. We’re sure they will welcome you just as warmly as they have us :))


Tamara: ”I’m so glad u enjoyed yourselves as much as we enjoyed having you here with us. You both are amazing teachers and I’m still getting requests for your return.”

Luke: ”Too right Bebe & Rachel. we loved you both and lambazouk. your energy and passion is still very alive within us and can’t wait til next time we meet’

Debra: ”You both have a lovely teaching style and warm manner which is comforting for novices such as Eric and I.  We also have been playing the CD and really enjoying the music.  Ii is light and uplifting”


Lambazouk Mackay

A Summer in Paradise

We have returned from our sun-soaked 6 week holiday on the Costa do Descrobimento (Discovery Coast) in Brazil. It was wonderful to spend time with our family & friends, and dance in the heartland of Lambada — Porto Seguro, Bahia!

As part of our trip, we successfully hosted our very first Brazil Tour! 15 people from around Australia joined our Tour encompassing Bergs International Zouk Lambada Congress (the biggest Zouk/Lambada congress in the world), New Years Eve, and many of the local sites including the night markets, native restaurants, Indigenous markets, Historic City, and neighouring towns.

Our journey stretched across Sao Paulo, Porto Seguro, Coroa Vermelha, Arraial d’Ajuda, Trancoso, Caraiva & Corambau, and was a colourful energetic mix of spectacular beaches, samba pagode, lambada dancing, african-brazilian cuisine, amazonian acai. A trip of a lifetime with amazing memories! We will be heading back to Brazil in 2014. You’re welcome to join us.

Australia-Discovery Coast Brazil Tour Group 2012/13

Australia-Discovery Coast Brazil Tour Group 2012/13