BRAZIL – Porto Seguro

PORTO SEGURO is a bright and colourful city in Bahia, famed in Brazil for its idyllic beaches, relaxed lifestyle and effervescent partying. It is a favourite holidaying spot for Brazilians who go there to relax on perfect beaches and dance samba axe in the cabanas.

Porto Seguro, with its exquisite beauty, is the location of choice for many high-profile international stars including singer Beyoncé, US President Barack Obama, French President Nicholas Sarkosy, Hollywood actors Leonardo DiCaprio and Will Smith, and supermodel Gisele Bundchen.

Switzerland and Germany (the winners!) chose to base their international training camps Porto Seguro during the FIFA 2014 World Cup.

Porto Seguro is also an important historic site. Portuguese explorer Pedro Alvares Cabral first set foot here on Brazilian soil on April 22, 1500. The area Costa do Descobrimento (Discovery Coast) encompasses the city Porto Seguro and townships Belmonte, Santa Cruz Cabralia, Arraial d’Ajuda and Trancoso. Indigenous communities live in reservations near Porto Seguro in Coroa Vermelha and Caraiva.

Another reason why Porto Seguro is special is that it is the birthplace of Lambada! Pioneers Didi and Braz dos Santos (dancers for band Kaoma) helped establish lambada in Brazil and introduced the dance to the world. They created the movements which make Lambada unique (such as boneca and cambre) and continue to bring big energy to dance scenes in Brazil, Argentina, Europe, and Israel.

The style of zouk lambada danced in Porto Seguro today (also called Lambazouk) still carries its original caribbean flavour, with tropical music and high-energy dancing. The biggest zouk lambada congress in the world, Bergs International Zouk Lambada Congress, is held bi-annually in Porto Seguro, attracting more than 2,0000+ dancers from Brazil and around the world, 100+ international teachers.

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