Brazil Tour 2012/13

Brazil Tour 2012/13

In December 2012-January 2013 we held successfully hosted our inaugural Brazil Tour on the Costa do Descrobimento (Discovery Coast). It was wonderful to spend time with our family & friends, and dance in the heartland of Lambada — Porto Seguro, Bahia!

15 people from around Australia joined our Tour encompassing Bergs International Zouk Lambada Congress (the biggest Zouk/Lambada congress in the world), traditional New Years Eve on the beach, and many of the local sites including the night markets, native restaurants, Indigenous markets, Historic City, and neighouring towns.

Our journey stretched across Porto Seguro, Coroa Vermelha, Arraial d’Ajuda, & Caraiva, and was a colourful energetic mix of spectacular beaches, samba pagode, lambada dancing, african-brazilian cuisine, amazonian acai. A trip of a lifetime with amazing memories! We will be heading back to Brazil in 2014. You’re welcome to join us.


David: ”Thanks Rachel and Bebe… tours by locals and meeting all the Local Lambada Zoukers was a special experience that would not have happened without you guys” 

James: ”The accommodation was brilliant. I really valued the cooking at home and the local zouk place over the river was a very special occasion for me”

Izzy: ”I think you two did a really amazing job thank you so much”

Ilana: ”wow Porto Seguro is the best! Especially with Bebe n u self as locals with all the knowledge! Loved the organized dinners, cleaning & washing! Best idea ever! Great accom also & location! I’ll def b coming bak for 2014 with u guys so keep me posted



Australia-Discovery Coast Brazil Tour Group 2012/13

Australia-Discovery Coast Brazil Tour Group 2012/13





6 FULL DAYS of ZOUK workshops! 
10 PARTY NIGHTS, dancing til Sunrise on 2 dance floors! 
100+ Instructors, and 15+ DJs!
4th World Zouk Lambada Championship (Amateur & Professional)
New Years Eve party on the beach in BRAZIL!Dancers from around the globe — its the worlds BIGGEST International Zouk Lambada Congress in existence!!! Think you can handle it Australia??Held in historic city Porto Seguro, Bahia, BRAZIL, the birthplace of lambada, birthplace of modern day Brazil (where the Portuguese “discovered” Brazil 512 yrs ago), spectacularly beautiful beaches, famous for its p-a-r-t-y-i-n-g, and its super friendly & relaxed people.

It also happens to be Bebé’s hometown. Bebé will be taking a group of Aussie dancers over for the congress & we can organise your congress pass & accomodation for you so you can have the best experience possible. If you LOVE ZOUK, YOU CAN’T MISS THIS!! The next one is not for another 2 years time (its bi-annual). If you’re interested in joining, let us know

CONTACT — Bebe and/or Rachel
Bebe is the Official Promoter of the Congress here in Australia! Since Bebe’s a local of Porto Seguro he knows all the best places to stay & can get the best deals.

(10 Parties, 6 days workshops)
Until 30 April 2012 — 300 euros
Until 31 August 2012 — 330 euros
Until 30 November 2012 — 350 euros
After 1 December 2012 — 400 euros


It will be within about 10mins walking distance of the congress venue & about 5mins walk to the BEACH! Shared apartments, with a pool within the complex. We’ll be getting some different options for you, but we expect a maximum budget of $40/pp/night.

(more to come):::
Adilio Porto – Germany
Aimée Borges & Marco Aurélio – Rio de Janeiro – Brasil
Alejandra Romina Castagna – Buenos Aires – Argentina
Aneska França – Recife – Brasil
Bebé – Brisbane – Austrália
Beckie Bisase – London – UK
Berg Dias & Bella Fernandez – London – UK
Claudio Oliveira – Buenos Aires – Argentina
China – Rio de Janeiro – Brasil
Cristiani Maria e Didi Marques – Buenos Aires – Argentina
Dadá Abalo – Buenos Aires – Argentina
Dadinho – São Paulo – Brasil
Dario Dias – Belo Horizonte – Brasil
David e Deywylla Zouk Magia – São Paulo – Brasil
Demétrius Gonçalves – Recife – Brasil
Didi dos Santos & Patricia Gianocaro – Porto Seguro – Brasil
Edson Nakasone e Raquel Marcon – São Paulo – Brasil
Fernanda Zambak – São Paulo – Brasil
Getulio Ramalho – Belo Horizonte – Brasil
Henrique Martins e Cristiane Minato – São Paulo – Brasil
Kleber Saúde – London – UK
K-Yo Victor & Gabriela Póvoa – Brasília – Brasil
Leo Bruno e Annik Matos – Belo Horizonte – Brasil
Leo Fontes e Priscila Borba- Rio de Janeiro – Brasil
Leonardo Silva & Cecília Abreu – Belo Horizonte – Brasil
Mafie Zouker – Rio de Janeiro – Brasil
Mara Santos – São Paulo – Brasil
Marcos Pessoa e Ana Claudia Maldonado – Belo Horizonte – Brasil
Mariana Cremashi – Buenos Aires – Argentina
Mari Hodges – Buenos Aires – Argentina
Michelly Coutinho e Renato Ramalho – Rio de Janeiro – Brasil
Nairo Ramos – Porto Seguro – Brasil
Pablo Schmoller- Buenos Aires – Argentina
Patricia Lira – São Paulo – Brasil
Patricio Borghi & Magali – Buenos Aires – Argentina
Patty & Bruno – Salvador – Brasil
Philip Miha – São Paulo – Brasil
Rafael Machado & Carol Agatti – São Paulo – Brasil
Raquel e Rodrigo Ramalho – Rio de Janeiro – Brasil
Renato Dias – Rio de Janeiro – Brasil
Ricardo Ferrari & Grazi Pisano- São Paulo – Brasil
Ricardo Coelho Espeschit e Thais Bueno – Belo Horizonte – Brasil
Romina Hidalgo – Buenos Aires – Argentina
Ruana Vasques – Fortaleza – Brasil
Rui Tavares e Amanda Santos – Santo André – Brasil
Sérgio Almeida & Clarissa Dias – Belo Horizonte – Brasil
Shani Mayer – Los Angeles – USA
Sidnei Santana – São Paulo – Brasil
Solange Dias e Joseph Konaik – London – UK
Sousa Zouker – Cuiabá – Brasil
Washington L. Passos e Carina M. Trombim – Curitiba – Brasil
Xavi e Laura – Barcelona – Spain

(more to come):::
Cristian – Buenos Aires -Argentina
Edu – São Paulo – Brasil
Ivan – São Paulo – Brasil
K-Yo Victor – Brasilia – Brasil
Lord Feifer – Rio de Janeiro – Brasil
Mafie Zouker – Rio de Janeiro – Brasil
Mamute – Belo Horizonte – Brasil
Mané – São Paulo – Brasil
Paulão – Salvador – Brasil
Poeta – São Paulo – Brasil
Seven – São Paulo- Brasil
Spiro – London – UK
Tico – São Paulo – Brasil
TJ – London – UK
Vlad – Belo Horizonte – Brasil

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