Lambazouk workshops in Tropical Mackay

Shout out to our new friends at Latin Madness Mackay! There’s something about a city by the ocean, with palm trees & sunshine & blue sky… the people are equally as warm & cheerful & sunny!! Just like in Porto Seguro, Brazil, you can’t help but smile & have a great time. We had an absolutely brilliant weekend teaching & dancing Lambazouk in Mackay. If anyone is heading up this part of tropical Queensland, please look these guys up. We’re sure they will welcome you just as warmly as they have us :))


Tamara: ”I’m so glad u enjoyed yourselves as much as we enjoyed having you here with us. You both are amazing teachers and I’m still getting requests for your return.”

Luke: ”Too right Bebe & Rachel. we loved you both and lambazouk. your energy and passion is still very alive within us and can’t wait til next time we meet’

Debra: ”You both have a lovely teaching style and warm manner which is comforting for novices such as Eric and I.  We also have been playing the CD and really enjoying the music.  Ii is light and uplifting”


Lambazouk Mackay

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