Michael Palin’s BRAZIL: 4 part series on ABC1

.. for those who love all things BRAZIL, here is a great opportunity to discover more about this colourful country! The intrepid British actor/writer Michael Palin has a 4 part doco series on Brazil, airing in Australia on ABC1, Sundays @ 7:30PM. The 1st episode is tomorrow (11 November) and is about north-east Brazil — where Bebé, Capoeira, & Lambada comes from! Check it out & let us know what you think :)) Here is the synopsis:

EP 1. SUNDAY 7:30PM on ABC1
Michael begins his journey in the north east, where modern Brazil was born. It was here the Portuguese explorers first landed and encountered the native Brazilians. It was here that hundreds of thousands of African slaves were brought to work on sugar and tobacco plantations, and it was here where this mix of races and cultures produced what we now think of as Brazil. Music, food, dance, religion – all of these bear the imprint of this heady mix.He starts in the city of Sao Luis during the celebration of its own very north eastern festival of Bumba Meu Boi – ‘Jump My Bull’ – before travelling down the coast to Recife and Salvador. On his way, he drops in on the vaqueros – Brazilian cowboys – who work the massive cattle ranches of the dry interior. His travels also take him to the stunning coastal lagoons of the Lencois Maranheses national park.In Salvador he learns to drum with the famous Olodum school, experiences the trance and dance of Candomble, the Afro-Brazilian religion, finds out how to cook Bahian-style with renowned cook, Dada, and discovers what lies behind the beguiling moves of capoeria dancers. If you want to know what makes Brazil so vibrant, the north east is the place to start

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